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Agenzia Serena is the point of reference for holiday-makers in Bibione, thanks to the incredibly wide range of accommodation on offer, aimed at those wishing to spend a relaxing, fun holiday in the “Green Pearl of the Adriatic”. More than 40 years of experience operating in the tourist and real estate industry, with its range of holiday homes and apartments for sale or for rent. A service characterised by a professional, courteous approach, allowing us to effectively respond to client requirements.

Agenzia Serena offers holiday homes and apartments in Bibione, to buy or to rent, allowing its clients to enjoy the possibility of staying in one of the most charming and welcoming seaside resorts on the Adriatic coast. Building on our wealth of experience, spanning over 40 years in the tourist and real estate industry, we are able to support our clients in selecting the most suitable solution for them, in terms of both comfort and budget.