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General Conditions

  1. INTRODUCTION: as part of the present "General terms and conditions of rental" the following definitions are to be considered:
    - “Offer”: notification of the availability of an apartment by Agenzia Serena, following a request from the client to rent an apartment, for a certain period of time;
    - “Reservation”: notification sent to the client by Agenzia Serena confirming the availability of an apartment, including the details of the offer and the invitation to pay the deposit;
    - “Confirmation letter”: the notification sent by Agenzia Serena confirming receipt of the deposit and completion of the rental agreement;
    - “General contract terms and conditions”: the terms and conditions and rules governing the rental agreement.
  2. RESERVATION AND COMPLETION OF THE RENTAL AGREEMENT: the rental agreement is to be considered completed as soon as the client receives the confirmation letter, which Agenzia Serena sends out immediately after receiving the deposit referred to by article 3. The confirmation letter must be presented by the client when they pick up the keys to the apartment. The confirmation letter includes the link for the compilation of the list of guests, which must be filled out and returned.
  3. DEPOSIT AND PAYMENT OF RENT: the amount due as a deposit and details of the offer are communicated upon reservation. In any case, the deposit is equal to 30% of the rent amount and may be paid by sending with bank transfer. Agenzia Serena must receive the deposit within, and no later than, 15 days from the date on which notification of apartment availability was sent for the period requested. In any event, the payment description must include (either in the reserved spaces of the bank transfer, where possible, or, otherwise, with an accompanying letter to the payment) the name and surname of the person making the reservation, as well as the name of the building to be rented and the period of the stay. Agenzia Serena reserves the right to refuse deposits if they arrive after 15 days from notification of accommodation availability, with subsequent cancellation of the relative reservation. The balance of the rent amount must be paid in full upon arrival, at the same time as the collection of the keys. The payments are accepted, with credit cards (Visa and MasterCard).
  4. CANCELLATION AND TERMINATION: in case of cancellation, the deposit will not be lost: for refusals communicated at least 4 weeks before the established arrival day of your holiday, the transferred deposit will be converted into a credit, valid for a booking during the current year or the following one. In case of subsequent cancellation, the deposit will be lost. 100% of the total price package has to be paid even in case of anticipated departure or belated arrival. For this reason, it is recommended to purchase a private travel insurance.
  5. ARRIVAL, FAILURE TO ARRIVE AND EARLY DEPARTURE: the client must arrive on the agreed day, between 16.00 and 19.30. Upon arrival, all individuals staying in the apartment must show their ID, for registration purposes. In case of delay, the client must promptly notify Agenzia Serena; otherwise, the apartment will be kept until 10am the next day, after which time Agenzia Serena reserves the right to rent it to another party, without prejudice to the provisions of the previous point 4. If the client decides to bring forward their departure date, compared to the agreed length of stay, they do not have the right, under any circumstances, to a reduction of the rental fee and, therefore, they may not ask for a refund of the amount paid.
  6. RULES OF STAY AND PENALTIES FOR FAILURE TO RESPECT THEM: It is forbidden for more people to stay than the number of beds available, as indicated on the confirmation letter sent by Agenzia Serena. In this regard, children are considered as adults.
    The Apartment must be left in good order (without leaving any rubbish, bottles and boxes behind, with clean cupboard shelves, clean dishes and an empty and defrosted fridge-freezer, leaving the door open upon departure), otherwise a cleaning fee will be applied. Guests are obliged to respect the house rules and scrupulously follow common rules relating to quietness, above all in the afternoon and night time, avoiding making excess noise and annoying rackets. Guests agree to take the upmost care of the apartment (walls, floors, etc), of the domestic appliances (dishes, refrigerator, cooker, etc) and of the furnishings (furniture, beds, tables, etc). Guests are requested to take the chairs and tables from the garden or terrace inside each time the apartment is left unattended. Any damaged or stolen items must be paid for by the client. Small domestic animals are permitted, subject to prior agreement with Agenzia Serena. The use of stoves, electric burners or personal air-conditioning units is strictly forbidden. With reference to the aforementioned rules of stay, above all but not limited to those relating to the number of guests, care for the apartment and quietness, Agenzia Serena reserves the right, at its own discretion, to carry out inspections of the accommodation, even in the absence of guests, in order to check that they are being strictly obeyed. Should an inspection reveal serious non-compliance, the rental agreement shall be considered terminated with immediate effect, for non-fulfilment attributable to the client, and Agenzia Serena may demand that the premises be left immediately, if necessary, with the assistance of the police, as well as demanding the payment of the agreed rental amounts that may still be outstanding upon departure. Without prejudice to the right to claim compensation for any damages. In this respect.
  7. APARTMENT FACILITIES: All apartments are fully furnished and equipped with a cooker or gas stove, refrigerator, kitchen utensils (pans, plates, glasses, dishes), hot and cold running water, and electricity at 220 volts. Gas is provided through cylinders that will be promptly replaced as soon as they run out, with the following timetable: every day from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00.
    A blanket and pillow are provided for each bed. The client only needs to bring their own bed sheets, tablecloths and towels. It is possible to rent bed sheets upon request. Mattress and cushion covers may not be used as bed sheets (should the client not have any, they are kindly asked to inform Agenzia Serena). The opening times of the swimming pools (where present) depend on weather conditions and are at the discretion of the management of the relative apartment block.
  8. DEPARTURE: Guests must leave the apartment by 10am on the agreed departure day. Check-out should be carried out during office hours, if possible, in order to allow the staff of Agenzia Serena to check the condition and cleanliness of the apartment. Upon request, Agenzia Serena may authorise night time departures or check-out outside of office hours, but, in this case, it reserves the right to withhold the deposit paid by the client. The apartment must be left in good order, without leaving any rubbish behind, with an empty refrigerator, clean dishes and perfectly clean kitchenette.
  9. DEPOSIT: The client hereby undertakes to leave the apartment in perfect order. In order to ensure that all rules of conduct, maintenance and the correct use of the apartments are respected, Agenzia Serena, at its unquestionable discretion, may ask the client to pay a deposit upon collection of the keys. Said deposit shall be returned once checks have been carried out into the good condition of the apartment.
  10. RESPONSIBILITIES OF AGENZIA SERENA: Agenzia Serena cannot be held responsible for any breakages, accidents, losses, theft, delays and other such setbacks that may come about in the apartment. The agency shall, however, offer its services to help to resolve any problems, without prejudice to the fact that any proven claims for damages must be agreed directly on site. Any legal disputes shall be referred exclusively to the Court of Venice.
  11. SPECIFIC PROVISIONS: Agenzia Serena reserves the right, in the event of unforeseen circumstances affecting the allocation of the reserved apartment, to replace it with accommodation with similar characteristics. In this case, any additional expenses shall be borne by Agenzia Serena. Any request for a specific apartment (number, floor, positioning, view, etc) shall be taken into consideration by Agenzia Serena, who nonetheless does not provide any guarantee of said apartment being allocated. The description of the layout of the furniture reported in the brochure and on the website may exceptionally be subject to change. Please be advised that authorised personnel from Agenzia Serena may enter the apartments for repair or maintenance work, also in the absence of the guests.
  12. ACCEPTANCE: Upon reservation, the guest expressly accepts all of the terms and conditions set forth herein.

The parking space is intended for cars of normal size. Parking is not guaranteed for minibuses, minivans, SUVs and vans.